Therefore I Have Hope

Therefore I Have Hope

Take a moment to reflect on a time in your life where you thought there was no hope. Maybe that time is now. Things can look pretty bleak once in a while and our spirits our fragile things in grip of despair. The world offers many solutions to our poor condition but there is only one way to find true hope in the midst of hardship.

21 This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.
22 The Lord’s loving-kindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
-Lamentations 3:21-23

If you’ve ever thought that you’ve had a rough go of it think about the prophet Jeremiah. He witnessed the utter destruction of Jerusalem; the very heart of the Jewish people. The city lay in complete ruin as the Babylonians had ripped through taking the people captive. Jeremiah was appointed as God’s spokesman to Israel and despite his pleas with the people they mocked and ridiculed him in their despair. Not only did he go through one of the most horrific circumstances a nation can face but his own people turned against him when He was speaking the word of God.

Jeremiah in this passage remembers what is most important. “The Lord’s loving-kindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail.” He remembers the Lord and His will. God is a God of compassion and love. He is kind, He is faithful. How can Jeremiah say this in the face of such evil? He knew that God had a plan. He knew that just as God had been faithful in the past, that He would be faithful in this circumstance. We usually forget in the face of adversity all the things that God has done for us but when we are looking for hope and it seems nowhere to be found, that is exactly what we need to do.

By humbling ourselves before the Lord we indeed find hope in his character. Later in this same chapter Jeremiah says, “It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.” When you face hardship, remember these truths and look to the Lord for His salvation.